Shopping List

Beef Rump Roast

4 Packets of Dry Italian Salad Dressing Mix

Peppers (if you desire - we like Banana Peppers on this!)

Provolone Cheese (if you desire)

Hoagie or Sub Rolls

Italian Beef

Note:  This takes at least 8 hours to cook in a Crock Pot


1 Beef Rump Roast (3 -5 pounds or so)

4 Packages of Dry Italian Salad Dressing Mix



  • Brown Rump Roast on all sides in a frying pan
  • Place Roast in Crock Pot and pour water up to about an inch up from the bottom of the pot
  • Add 4 packets of Dry Italian Dressing Mix (on top of roast and all around it - no need to stir!)
  • Set Crock Pot on Low and cook for at least 8 -12 hours.  The more you cook it, the more tender it gets!
  • After cooking, shred beef with a fork and stir well
  • Spoon beef onto hoagie or sub rolls
  • You may add peppers and/or provolone cheese if you desire
  • Enjoy!