October 21, 2017:  Our first wall!  It also has 2 windows (that were donated!) in what will be the classroom, as well as a door.  It's starting to look like a building now!

  • October 1, 2016:  Workday!  With the help of a group of hard-working diligent folks, the roof is well on its way!  It is so exciting to see the building start to take shape.  We are already planning a night of worship under the roof once it is completed!

What's new and what's been happening at the camp?

  • January 9, 2016:  Workday!  The more we get into the woods, the more  trash and brush we find!  Today, we made piles of wood, metal, glass and trash for recycling and proper disposal purposes.  The building site was cleared of a few more stumps, and a prize-winning burn pile was well-managed by our pyro-enthusiasts.  
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Coming Up!

  • June 10 & 11, 2016:  First Men's Camp-Out and Workday!  What an exciting time it was to have our Board of Directors gather with a group of men for an evening of planning and prayer on the camp-site.  They talked about activities that they did with their fathers growing up that left an impact 

What's Happened So Far?

  • February 20, 2016:  Workday!  When the land was first purchased in 2014, we planted a cross at the entrance on the day of dedication.  Sadly, the original cross suffered from weathering and natural deterioration.  A new cross was built by some very special young men and raised at the entrance once again!  Several work crews were present and the shooting range was cleared, a trail through the woods mapped out and a HUGE pile of wood, trees and trash cleared.  What a blessing it is when the body of Christ comes together - many hands make for light work!
  • October 15, 2016:  Continuing on the roof workday!  With a small group of dedicated servants, another quarter of the roof was completed.  One of our volunteers brought his drone out to the
  • March 12, 2017:  Our work crew came out to the campsite to build a bridge over the ravine on the hiking trail.   Now children can go on the trail without having to climb down a steep 6-foot hill and back up again.  The view is absolutely beautiful!  Come and check it out!

on them, as well as what they envision for the boys that will come to the camp.  The next morning, breakfast was served by the women of the church and work commenced!  We counted 5 different churches represented for a full morning of work.  The most exciting thing that happened was that the trail is completely clear!  Starting from both ends, 2 groups of men worked until they met in the middle.  More stumps were pulled in preparation for the building and as tradition, a huge fire was well-tended and fed throughout the day.

  • 2014 was our year to "get settled" and was spent moving our family's houses onto the property.   The "I See You Board of Directors" was named, and began meeting regularly.  Paperwork began to have the ministry incorporated and certified as a 501(c3) charity. 
  • Much of the first part of 2015 was spent drawing up the layout of the campground and clearing trees.  The property is heavily wooded with many "treasures" that were discovered along the way (a deep ravine, an old 1920's house, many promising sites for camping, trails, buildings etc.) 

building site and got some fantastic shots of the building from overhead!  Due to Hurricane Matthew, another group of workers returned to the trail to clear the path of fallen trees.

  • The offer was accepted, and on December 15, 2013 the church joined us on the property to dedicate the land to His service.  An over 200 year old Oak tree on the property became the symbol and logo for "I See You Ministries" and was instated as the entrance to the camp.  
  • July 10, 2016:  "Generation" Church in Clayton chose the ministry as one of their work-sites for a "Be The Church" day.  We were so very blessed to have such a fun and hard-working group of volunteers.  They cleared land and put up the first 5 poles for the building!   Thank you Generation folks for joining us! 
  • March - May, 2016:  Work on the camp has taken a bit of a sabbatical as Cary had surgery on a torn rotator cuff.  The healing process is slow and painful.  Please be in prayer for quick healing, peace and guidance as Cary is not a "patient" patient!  (Love you sweetie!)
  • April 15, 2017:  The men took the morning to construct a bridge with the decking donated by the Baptist Men's Association.  We are now able to access the other side of the property where the primitive campsite will be built.
  • On Dec 29, 2015 in faith we staked out the spot for the building for the ministry.  We measured out a 24'x48' area and are trusting God to provide direction, resources (materials, funds, and labor), and favor with the local government to get this facility built and ready for the first group of kids this summer!  
  • Our beginning:  After a 2 year search for land, God answered our prayers in a mighty way!  In November of 2013, God led us to Kenly to 33 acres of beautiful land with everything we asked for and more!  Our Pastor and his wife joined us in the tall grass to pray over the land and ask for God's will to be done.  
  • In September 2015 we received our 501(C)(3) status from the IRS!   What an amazing ride this has been!  We heard back from the IRS in record time with our approval!  Yay God!!!!
Providing love, guidance, education and support for children of single parents
  • July 5, 2017:  We have a floor!  After soliciting several bids for concrete, the Board of Directors chose "Diego Concrete" to pour the slab for our building!  Their workers came out on July 3 to set the forms, and two days later had the concrete poured and smoothed.  We've planted the bolts for the walls in the concrete, and will be ready for constructing the walls by the next workday!

November 11, 2017:  The second wall goes up!

  • July 16, 2016:  Workday!  We had a courageous group of men join us on a hot hot day to plant the rest of the poles in the ground.  All 10 poles are now set!  We put the scaffolding up in preparation to raise the trusses on the next workday.  Plans are to wait until the heat-wave passes before scheduling that activity.

November, 2018:  After a lovely evening of dedicating the building, we are taking a break so that all of our volunteers can enjoy the holidays with their families.  Check back in January for a schedule of workdays to get the workshop set up.

We want to take a moment in this season of Thanksgiving to thank YOU for your prayers and support of this important mission.  We are amazed at all GOD has done through YOU to get the ministry up and running.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a blessed Christmas.  See you in January!

  • September 17, 2016:  Workday . . . . The trusses are going up!  Thanks to donated time with a huge forklift, all 5 of the trusses went up in record time! 
  • February 11, 2017:  The roof is finished!  Thank you to our awesome LIFE Community Church carpenters that came out on a beautifully chilly day to complete this milestone! 

​      Next up:  fundraising and bidding for the concrete slab!

I See You Ministries


​Kenly, NC