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Who We Are

In 2012, God began speaking to us about the needs of boys of single mothers.  We began to notice that the absence of a father figure in a boy's life left a gap.  Who would teach this boy how to treat a lady?  Who would teach him how to build things, fish, play ball, fix simple household issues, and be the "man of the house?"  Sure, the mother is there, loving her child, providing for her child and nurturing her child, but did she have the time, strength and energy to fill both roles?

Providing love, guidance, education and support for children of single parents

About I See You Ministries

Our Philosophy

We at I See You Ministries cannot take the place of an absent parent, but we can provide help, education, love and support.  We want you to know that God sees you right where you are.  He never leaves you nor forsakes you!  Let us show you how much God loves you and wants you to trust in Him.